What is Certificate of Origin?

A Certificate of Origin (C/O) is an official document used to certify the products originated, wholly obtained, produced or manufactured in a country. It is generally an integral part of import documents required by the imported countries.

At the time of carrying out the formalities for exporting the products under preferential treatment, the exporter or his authorized representative shall submit a written application for the Certificate of Origin together with appropriate supporting documents proving that the products to be exported qualify for the issuance of a Certificate of Origin.

There are two type of Certificate of Origin:

  • Non-Preferential
  • Preferential

How to apply for CO?

The exporters need to apply for C/O at the Export-Import Department, Ministry of Commerce. The procedures of the application for Certificate of Origin could be found in Prakas No 3198 on Certificate of Origin Issuance Procedures for all forms.

ឯកសារ​តម្រូវ​ផ្អែក​តាម​ប្រកាស៣១៩៨ ប្រការ២

How much must I pay?

Generally, Public Service Fee. The payment is valid from 26 May 2021 illustrated as below ​:

For garment products over 2,000 PCS or Footwear over 200 PRS:

C/O Public Service Fee
Form N 142,000.00 KHR
Form A 216,000.00 KHR
Other Form 216,000.00 KHR

For garment products under 2,000 PCS or Footwear under 200 PRS:

C/O Public Service Fee
FormN 67,000.00 KHR
Form A 86,000.00 KHR
Other Form 86,000.00 KHR

For rice, agricultural products and handicraft, Public Service Fee is free.

ប្រកាស​​រួមលេខ ៣១៥ សហវ.ប្រក រវាង​​ក្រសួង​​សេដ្ឋកិច្ច​ និង​​ហិរញ្ញ​វត្ថុ​ និង​​ក្រសួង​​ពាណិជ្ជកម្ម ស្តី​​ពី​​ការ​​ផ្តល់​​សេវា​​សាធារណៈ​​របស់​​ក្រសួង​ពាណិជ្ជ​កម្ម

Prakas No 315 between Ministry of Economic and Finance with Ministry of Commerce on Public Service Fee.

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